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Last Updated: July 13 2008

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Discover How You Can Easily Convert Your Vehicle Into
A "HHO Hybrid" And Increase Your Miles Per Gallon,
Get More Horsepower And Lower Your Emissions

As a certified mechanic, with over 29 years of experience, I know the ins and outs of vehicles. I also know how easy it is (or isn't) to perform HHO conversions on cars, SUV's, minivans, trucks, big rigs, cargo vans, RV's... including the new "E85" vehicles.

Twelve years ago, when I first started experimenting with HHO technology to achieve better fuel economy, I simply took it for granted that getting 40 to 60 miles per gallon
(64 to 97 kilometers) was "normal" when a hydrogen (HHO) system was installed.

But today, pre-built "ready-to-install" HHO conversion kits sell for as much as $2,400!

(The highest quality, lowest priced "pre-built ready-to-install" HHO kits are right here).

However, with all these "do-it-yourself HHO conversion guides" available online that use hydrogen for fuel, I must tell you what is and what is not realistically possible:

First: It is not possible to run your vehicle completely on HHO (these vehicles are still
in test production and are very expensive). You will still need fuel (gas, diesel or E85).

However, with HHO (also called "Oxyhydrogen", or "Brown's gas") being fed into your engine's air intake, "along with" gas, diesel or E85, your vehicle will get more miles per gallon (or kilometers per liter).

And you will save money on fuel.

Average savings: $50 to $100 per month (depending on how much you drive).

Second: You will get at least a 50% increase in miles per gallon... if you use 1
of the 3 HHO conversion guides below.

Depending on your vehicle & engine size, your vehicle's increase in miles per gallon will vary accordingly.  (A 67% increase is the "average" using my #1 recommended guide).

Yet, with that said, I have read reports from the USA and Canada of 113% to 279.3% increases in miles per gallon. You'll still have to buy fuel each month, but your monthly fuel cost will likely be one third to one half of what it is right now.

Third: In my tests of HHO conversion guides recommended by non-mechanics, some "recommendations" actually damaged the engine and/or destroyed critical engine components, which was very expensive to fix and voided the vehicle warranty.

So, to help you make the right decision,

I personally tested 21 HHO conversion guides based on the following criteria:

  • Works with all vehicles.
  • Uses a mechanically sound design.
  • WILL NOT damage the engine or void the vehicle warranty.
  • Provides a major increase in fuel mileage.
  • Inexpensive parts that are readily available.
  • Very easy for a beginner to build and install.
  • Produces cleaner emissions (which helps to protect our environment).
  • Produces the maximum amount of HHO ("Oxyhydrogen" or "Brown's gas").
  • Works with all new and used vehicles on the market today
    (including fuel or carb injection, E85, diesel...and all hybrids).
  • Faster vehicle acceleration.
  • More horsepower (stronger torque / engine power).
  • Works in ALL temperature extremes.
  • Eliminates engine "knock" or "ping".
  • Can be easily installed or removed.
  • Eliminates carbon deposits from unused fuel.
  • Compatible with IRS requirements (so you will get your entitled tax rebates to
    pay for the conversion).
  • You'll get full rights to build and distribute the kit for personal use or profit.

Below are the top 3 proven HHO conversion guides that
I have personally tested...and met all of the above criteria.

Simply review them... Then click the links for more information.

My #1 Recommendation:  Hybrid Water Power "2017 Updated" Edition

Hybrid Water Power - Click Here Now!

Rating 10/10

Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environmental Benefits

 The #1 Water Fuel (HHO) Guide For 2017

Hybrid Water Power is my #1 recommendation.
Out of 21 water fuel guides I bought and tested,
I used this guide to turn my fathers car, my wife's
minivan and my SUV into HHO fuel hybrids.

                      As a matter of fact...

The miles per gallon of all three of my family's vehicles increased an average of 78% after using this "easy to use" HHO Fuel Conversion System.

Included are 105 step-by-step detailed videos.

This is the only guide available that assumes the
user has no "mechanical knowledge" of engines.

Bob Volk...the man who designed this system..
is "the" expert in this field...a true HHO genius.

His instructions, pictures and diagrams are so simple... and "fully explained" in graphic detail...
that a 14 year old could perform the conversion.

All of my "test" support tickets were responded to in under 3 hours. Now that's "customer" support!

I was able to obtain all of the parts needed to do
all three conversions (my fathers car, my wife's minivan and my SUV) for well under $60 each.

Hybrid Water Power has a proven "on road" track record of upping fuel efficiency by 50% to 130%.

With this guide you can convert your vehicle and recoup your investment.. in less than two months.

Installation works with any gas, diesel or E85 car, minivan, truck, SUV, Big Rig, RV, boat, bus, etc...

This guide is aimed squarely at auto "novices",
and includes Free technical support ... Free lifetime updates... and 6 Free Bonuses.

             *Special Update*

There's a time-limited promotion running on the site, and it's temporarily* on sale for a special low price. So, I highly recommend getting your copy now...before the price goes back up again.

In Summary: Fast and easy setup; works for
complete car novices; proven fuel savings of
50% to 130%; 60 day money back guarantee:

Run Auto With Water - Click Here Now!

Rating 9.5/10

Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environment Benefits

Also Recommended:

Run Auto With Water

The Run Auto With Water system worked with ALL vehicles I tested (gasoline, diesel or E85).

Based on my tests, the Run Auto With Water system is one of the least expensive systems to build, safe for your vehicle, consumes the least power... and the results are simply better fuel savings than other systems I've tested.

With the Run Auto With Water system your vehicle will have increased fuel efficiency and
a smoother drive, while decreasing harmful emissions... to help protect our environment.

Support is pretty good..but not nearly as good as
Hybrid Water Power (my #1 recommendation).


This is a great HHO system... which means you could be enjoying great fuel savings...ASAP!

Drive Car With Water - Click Here Now!

Rating 9.2/10

Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environmental Benefits


Drive Car With Water

This system does work, and did provide a 55% increase in fuel efficiency with my tests.

The reason I rated this system 9.2 out of 10 is because of their lack of tech support.

When I tried to contact their support via email,
I never got a response!

For a complete novice to engines, support is very important.

Even though this technology is proven, it is new.
And it's good to know there's support if needed.


What Is The Best Way To Convert Your
Vehicle To Get 50+ Miles Per Gallon?

Hybrid Water Power



  • I'm saving, on average, 78% on fuel costs since I used this HHO guide.
  • It has a 4 year proven track record. The other guides on this page do not.
  • Fast, easy and simple setup works for "Auto Novices" through "Experts".
  • Includes free technical support if you need help during your conversion.
  • Comes with Free Lifetime Support... and Updates... After your conversion.
  • It includes free bonuses worth thousands of dollars in IRS tax savings.
  • Comes with a 60 day "No Questions Asked - Money Back Guarantee".
  • Out of 21 guides I bought and tested, it's the best value for your money.

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To Your HHO Conversion Success,

Bill Myers
ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician

The Best Ready To Install Pre-Built Conversion Kits - Click Here Now!

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